Frameless Shower screens

The newest look in the bathroom interior design and fashion has taken a turn for an ultimate elegance. Frameless Shower screen or door are the new futuristic look of your modern bathroom today. The changes come at a time where there is so much thirst for new and better, more sophisticated and unique design in the market. Where there is a need for creativity and innovation, the Frameless Shower screen tops it up as the best innovation for your new or renovating bathroom. The Frameless Shower screen is not just a unique glass artwork that makes everything beautiful looking but is a piece of art that serves the unique purpose of an easy to clean and hygienic shower door.

Today the art of interior designing has made it possible to redesign home to personal preferences, and to have the dream home that matches from the sitting room, kitchen to the bathroom and bedroom, all call for unique aspects of change in style. The frameless Shower screen makes it easy to match with any previous interior designs of the bathroom or interior home. This is because the frameless shower door is somewhat neutral color and can merge with any bathroom interior and look as elegant in all.

There are some unique advantages about the Frameless Shower doors.

Stay clean glass

Well, this is not an option for the new frameless shower screens. They are the best when it come to a keeping a hygienic bathroom environment. This is quite vital for all home owners, everyone loves a clean spotless bathroom

No soap scum

Talking about a clean spotless bathroom, when showering soap scum is inevitable, but with this new screens one does not have to worry about how to come later and clean it up since the screen do not allow soap scum attach to the sides or even to the edges since there is no framework

No hard mineral deposit

The water we use to shower come with all sorts of mineral, some of this mineral are unseen until they form or collect in one place where the water pours a lot and forms a discoloring on that surface. With the frameless screen, the all hard mineral never gets a chance to deposit themselves on the glass walls.

East to install

This is a unique advantage to the company or to the individual who decides to ‘DIY’. Installing the frameless screens is one of the easiest things one can do with less time consumed.

Merging with interior design

The glass is one of the interior designing material that merges well with everything. This makes it an advantage to integrate the frameless screens into your bathroom space.

Water and oil repellent

Well, water and oil is part of any showering process and when one is done the task become heavy when it time to wash the oil and water stains from the walls. The frameless screens make your shower free of water and oil through its repellent surface.

Scratch resistant

The frameless shower screen is also scratch resistant, therefore; you won’t find wiping marks or scratching on the surface at any time.

Impact resistance.

Glass doors have been known for breaking easily and causing damage or injury. The make of the frameless screen is unique and of a state of art impact resistance glass that can withstand a high amount of shock.

Reduced mold and bacteria.

Bathrooms are places where we go to clean up ourselves from all dirt of the outside world. Most of the time all we do is just bring all that dirt and dump it in our bathroom. With time if your bathroom is not fashioned to keep clean it will maintain some of this dirt. With the frameless shower screen, the glass is design not to hold any mold and bacteria. The frameless aspect helps it more